Harry Licursi

Tax and retirement planning

Designing a retirement plan with suitable investments for your type of risk is critical.

Investments, retirement planning and tax laws are in constant motion; they ebb and flow throughout your

lifetime. Once established, plans need to be monitored, adjusted and watched after.

Harry Licursi is a professional advisor, an Enrolled Agent, licensed to practice before the IRS. He is a RIA registered investment advisor, fee only and has been a Licensed CA Insurance agent with over 35 years, providing professional advice to individuals, groups and government employees with their financial decisions. Harry works with his clients to design, implement and monitor their retirement plan and manage your investments to help them achive retirement security. Working on a fee-only basis as a professional advisor, Harry receives no commission. You pay Harry an agreed upon fee for services rendered.  The benefit to you comes immediately. You save any commission which might be charged to you, which is usually between 3-5.75 %. This savings could increase your portfolio substantially and result in a greater net growth during your accumulation years.

Without regard for commissions in the decision making process, Harry sits on the same side of the table as you to protect your money and your business. He watches your portfolio's perfomance, risk, and expenses, tailoring his decisions and recommendations based on your designed retirement and investment plans. Harry stays in contact with you and keeps you informed. 

As an Enrolled Agent (EA), Harry is licensed to give you tax advice. He manages your investments with an eye on tax savings. Proper tax planning is critical. It is worth money in your account to make decisions based on knowing the proper tax implications. It is financially savvy to know whether an IRA, Roth IRA or College savings plan is better for you tax-wise than a 401k, 403b or 457 contribution, and if or when to convert a 403b to an IRA or an IRA to a Roth.

As a professional  advisor and an EA, Harry can both help you design and implement your plan. He can also co-ordinate and prepare the necessary tax documents and tax returns to meet your tax and retirement goals.

  • Enrolled Agent - # 00101285
  • Registered Investment Advisor RIA 130299
  • Resident Insurance Producer - CA License # 0513944

Let Harry Licursi help you take the guesswork out of taxes and investing.

Plan For a Secure Retirement

Protect your hard earned assets

IRA Roth IRA 403b 457 401k 
Registered Investment Advisor 


It's not just the money you make, more importantly it's the money you keep.

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